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Adostrophe is an advertising agency that offers PPC campaign management services in Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Facebook Business. Having started with Overture (Yahoo!) in 2004, our expertise with premier (top spenders in their verticals) accounts is now made available to businesses of all sizes.

Unlike established brands, small businesses need to advertise online to scale profitably. We set up the campaigns and optimize it on a daily basis to ensure the ROI keeps increasing consistently.

We send a monthly report that illustrates the performance of the ad campaigns. Our management rates are 10 to 15% of the budget, if the client is happy with the marketing. We work backwards based on the business goals and offer a money-back guarantee.

Contact for assistance on Search, Display, Mobile, Shopping and Video campaign setup (and optimization). Our initial consultation is free and provides proactive suggestions, especially to first-time advertisers and small businesses. Our existing clients are worldwide, in many different verticals.

Thank you for visiting the Adostrophe portal. Feel free to browse through the other sections and ask any questions at all. Write to info@adostrophe.com any time, any day. Get an highly-efficient campaign created today!

Adostrophe started as an ad agency that offers Google AdWords campaign management services. This expertise is based on the experience gained from setting up and optimizing premier accounts (top spenders in their verticals) as an ex-employee of Yahoo! (Overture – Microsoft adCenter – Bing Ads). While insiders have resources to custom API tools, agencies like us still follow the best-practices with what’s available to a common man.

We also believe in educating our clients, followers, interns and our competitors. If a competitor can learn something from our interaction, it develops the PPC community on the whole, which is a smart move on the long run.

Why AdWords? This is like asking why Google instead of Bing. The number of users, the ease with which they can find a relevant information is the key. Although we give equal priority to a client who requests Bing Ads or Facebook Business support, we are known as AdWords consultants.

Write to info@adostrophe.com for a free campaign setup or an account audit. Feel free to reach us through the Google Partners portal as well. We would need your 10-digit Customer ID to send an invite to request access.

Registered Business Name: Adostrophe Digital Marketing Private Limited
CIN of the Company: U74999TZ2017PTC028347
Registered Business Address: 11/12 (24/9), R C Church Road, Kovilmedu, Kotagiri – 643217. The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, India.
Branches: Coimbatore and Bangalore
Contact Person: Niranjan Kumar Ramamurthy
Email: niranjan@adostrophe.com
Phone: +91 8861188822

With the long-term goal to get businesses (those without advertising budgets or who are uninformed) to list themselves online, the non-profit arm, Adostrophy.org gets funds from Adostrophe’s revenue as well as affiliate marketing (ShoppinGuides.in) channels. All transactions are recorded and audited by independent third-party Chartered Accountants, and will be made available on request. However, we don’t share any client information – there’s an unofficial NDA with all those we work with.


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