Here’s a list of some useful external links that can keep you occupied for the rest of your advertising life. Blogs are important for a company to connect with its customers and to post updates. Sometimes bookmarking these sites or just being active in the community forums would keep you on par with the fast-evolving advertising world.

We’ll keep checking these links and updating any broken URLs. Of course, we’ll also keep adding on to this list, while keeping it succinct.

Google Inside AdWords

Google Partners – North America Community

Bing Ads Blog

Facebook for Business – News

Facebook Help Community

The Twitter Advertising Blog

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog

Additional Bookmarks

Google Analytics Solutions

Official Google Analytics Solutions Community

Google Trends

Google Digital Academy – Think with Google

Facebook IQ – Insights

Twitter Marketing – Insights

Learning Resources

Google Academy for Ads

Bing Ads Courses

Facebook Blueprint – Training Modules for Advertising on Facebook

Learning LinkedIn Marketing

Advertising on Twitter