Accepting Digital Payments in India

  • For merchants and individuals
  • For websites, mobile apps or those who don’t have either
  • Get professional payment pages created by us for free
  • Setup the account yourself or let us do it for you – for free
  • Account management and monthly reporting

We are excited to assist businesses (and individuals) accept digital payments in partnership with Razorpay. In our constant endeavour to economically empower small businesses, this is a substantial step. Whether you sell products or offer services, now you can accept payments digitally and the amount gets credited to your bank account.

How to get started?
Just let us know your email ID and we’ll send you the activation link from Razorpay. Go ahead and setup the account yourself or leave it to us. We will be able to monitor but not change or access any of your payment details – in short, you have complete control of your account.

In order to activate live payments, you’ll need the following information, which you can add yourself to the dashboard or get our free assistance. We do not store or share your information as policy.
– Contact Name
– Contact Number
– Contact Email (which you would have already sent us)
– Business Type
– Business Category
– Billing Label (the short form of your customer-facing business name)
– Website URL or Mobile App. If you don’t have either, you can still send payment links and invoices to your customers.
– Registered Business Name
– PAN of authorised signatory
– Address with Pin Code, City, State. Operational address, if different.

You’re good to go. There would be a verification from Razorpay after which your account should be live. This is how your dashboard would look like at this state:

Now for the fun part – you can send invoices to your customers or create dedicated payment pages. Adostrophe will be happy to create up to 5 pages for free, so that the initial process is not intimidating for a new merchant.

You can create payment pages to collect money for events, product sales, recurring fees or accept donations. Here are the templates:

Information for e-Com:
Note the information needed to create a product page:
– Product Title
– Product Price and stock
– Images
– Description
– Shipping and Delivery
– Social Media share icons
– Your contact details
– Your TC

Feel free to experiment yourself since it can be good fun. If you would rather have us do it for you, send us the above details (those that are available) and we’ll create the Page for you. Make sure you also send us your business logo and your colour preference, if any.

All your sales should be invoiced, even if you’re GST exempted. When you send an invoice to a customer or client, they have a record and so will you. You can always go back in time to pull the data if you so require. This is professional and convenient for both parties. Now you can also accept part payments:

Payment Links:
My favourite part of Razorpay – allows anyone to create a digital payment link, which can be paid by a customer fully, or partially (if enabled). Even vegetable vendors or aquarium shops who don’t believe in a website, can take advantage of Digital India by simply sending them a link via text or Whatsapp.

Note that you can add multiple users to your dashboard, for your accountant or employees.

Going Digital:
We strongly believe every business should have an online presence – and it doesn’t have to be expensive or cumbersome. Starting from a Google My Business listing to a Razorpay payment link, you’re literally spending nothing, but making it convenient for your customers to send money to you.

Let us know if you or someone you know would benefit from these free services of ours. As always, fill out the 360 form so that we can also shoot panoramic content of the store for more views and a VR experience.

What We Don’t Do:
We need to clarify upfront that we are trying to onboard businesses onto this platform to help them for free – we are not looking for financial gains here.
In terms of transparency, we do not involve or take responsibility for accounting or filing – please work with your CA for the same. They can get access to your dashboard or just export the report and send it to them. Adostrophe only helps with setting up the Payment Pages or Links, we do not have access to or involve with transactions and communications with the end customers. As an affiliate partner we onboard first-time clients and NGOs for free.
In this context, we would not be able to help with API either. Our focus is small businesses or individuals like freelancers or independent professionals. Let us know if you need professional websites or Google Ads management, which are paid services.

Stop collecting cash – go digital! File GST and ITR regularly so that banks are inclined to support you with working capital, without you asking.

Fill this form or email us to get started with your Razorpay requirements. At the very least, we will need your email ID.