Ad Agencies

Some of our favorite clients are ad agencies who are looking for white-labeled support. On the same note, we do not sub-contract or outsource our own projects, since we work on our strengths – experience and expertise with large accounts.

The accounts we manage have come through referrals and we believe in a long-term relationship. Similar to Grant accounts, we offer subsidized rates to agencies who are looking for AdWords assistance.

The way we work is to provide the service and then explain our rates (typically 10 to 15 percent of the ad spend, or a fixed price per month) just to show what’s in store. For instance, G Suite or Adobe CC or Shopify offers a free trial with no limitations. The free part is based on the confidence that they can deliver. It makes sense to stick to someone who meets and exceeds your business goals.

Being transparent is one of the expectations from Google Partners – and we offer a free audit or campaign setup initially. For ongoing clients, we send a monthly report along with an invoice for our management and hours invested. If the client (or agency) is not happy with the performance, we don’t accept fees and offer a money-back guarantee.

Feel free to contact us anytime at If you’d like us to call you, let us know your phone number and preferred time. Per day, we can handle about 5 new setups or optimizations.

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