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We all agree that Matterport virtual tours are the coolest next big thing. Here's CAPTUR3D to add a few more essential functionalites.
  • CAPTUR3D enables Matterport content creators to add game-changing functionalities
  • Stage an empty, unfurnished house with items to help the audience with imagination
  • Use the Creator Studio application for staging, without having to code
  • Add overlays and booking features. Get 3D floor plans, dedicated web pages, retouched images, booking systems and more.
  • Get started with 75 free credits. Buy more per requirements.

Matterport allows businesses to use their API to add functionalities that can benefit users in multiple ways, the most popular being the real estate sector. PHORIA is an Australian tech company that is at the forefront, with one of thier innovative initiatives – the CAPTUR3D platform!

Like Adostrophe (for India), PHORIA is an authorised reseller of the Matterport Pro2 scanners, in the ANZ region. Learn more about their partnership here.

Staging it Right

With the real estate market picking up pace, businesses use Matterport 3D virtual tours for that competitive edge. Unlike traditional images or videos, Matteport tours are as-is representations without any modifications such as those with Photoshop editing in professional real estate photography. In certain cases, the camera relections or people’s faces may be blurred out, but the remaining is just actuals. This is one of the reasons that the Matterport tours are popular in the Insurance sector as well.

Here’s a 2D snapshot from a virtual tour of a residential property in Whitefield, Bangalore. This is the original:

Matterport Real Estate Sample - Adostrophe

What if I need to better explain to my family that it would probably be the right investment, not withstanding Azim Premji’s influence in the area. Behold the staged space:

Staging with Matterport - Adostrophe

If you can apprecaite the difference between the screeshots above, you can see the magic of staging.

What the F...

Fake? Yes, the renders are not real, but it helps with imagination, doesn’t it? Even if I’m a minimalist, I had so much fun adding furniture and decor to this house, without spending a fortune at Ikea or Lifestyle.

Here’s the actual 3D virtual tour of the unfurnished property:

Let’s compare some more perspectives to get a feel of staging at this 3BHK house. Here’s the balcony perspective of the hall:

And the screenshot of the staged room, using CAPTUR3D:

Staged Balcony View - Adostrophe

I was also able to mask the unsightly wires hanging from the walls and ceiling, with digital assets. Shadows, although not necessary, is available to get a more realistic understanding of how the property would be if I actually lived in it. Let’s go to other rooms – 

The master bedroom, right out of the Jaccuzi – 

Master Bedroom - Adostrophe


Staged Master Bedroom - Adostrophe

So, you get the idea. This is where Matterport promotions can help real estate promoters make that extra margin. A visual representation, as opposed to leaving it to the potential buyer to imagine for themselves.

Enough of this S...

Staging? While you can get the highly-efficient professionals at CAPTUR3D to create floor plans, retouch images, and help with other marketing ideas, it is better to get the staging done ourselves. If you’re a Matterport professional (chances are high, even when we write content hoping a prospective client would give us scanning projects, our competitors are the ones who actually go through the articles, reading between the lines keenly) and trying to get some customers on board, here’s an oppotunity to paint (stage) a picture for them.

Ah, the home office:

vs the staged room (as long as your boss is not too insecure to let you work from home)

Staged Home Office - Adostrophe

Leaving Now!

To the kitchen? Often the deciding factor, whether the property is worth crores or not. Unless you’re a bachelor or a newly-wed couple, moms control most of the disposable income, according to a study by Yahoo.

Even without modular options, you can see the difference between a bland kitchen and a basic staged one below. 

So there's a Plan?

These details can help sell the property faster. Prospective buyers would like seeing floor plans with dimensions. 3D is even better with some staging already in it to help with visualisation. Note that these requests are paid services, which take up ‘credits’ in the CAPTUR3D account.

2D Floor Plan - Adostrophe
3D Floor Plan - Adostrophe

Now What?

Now go ahead and try CAPTUR3D for yourself, with 75 free credits – That’s all there is to it. 

The link would better explain what they have to offer. This is an immsense value-add to Matterport enthusiasts in India, who are probably in their nascent stages. The good news is that, 3D virtual tours are trending faster than ever in this country, as opposed to the US, UK and ANZ.

Check out the CAPTUR3D tour here to see the custom branding and overlays. Click the three line Menu icon on the top left to toggle staging on and off so you can see the difference: Give it a moment to load as you move between scan points.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback. Email

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