Capturing with the Matterport Pro3

Great news for our clients. Going forward, we can shoot outdoors using the Matterport Pro3.
Matterport Pro3 - Adostrophe

The Matterport Pro3 is a newly-launched camera and scanner that uses LiDAR technology. The older generation Pro2 used InfraRed. Let’s look at some of the features and see why it would be relevant for your upcoming project.


An important requirement in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry is the accuracy of distance measurement in the virtual tour. With laser, the measurements are going to be substantially accurate compared to Infrared. 

For the sake of illustration, we will only be talking about the Pro3 vs the Pro2, and not consumer cameras like the Ricoh Theta or Insta360 series. We won’t be talking about smartphone based (using Axis) shooting either.

Matteprort Pro2 - Adostrophe

The Matterport Pro2 at Radisson Shimla

For marketing purposes, any Matterport or third-party camera would suffice. With real estate or verticals that prioritise distance measurement, a laser based scanner is ideal.

Advanced laser scanners like the Leica BLK360 G2 and the Trimble X7 are not compatible with Matterport, but have more dense point clouds. The accuracy could get to mm level.

At a distance of 10 meters, the Matterport Pro3 is accurate +/- 20mm, per the manufacturer. Per scan (a 360 degree rotation), the device records 1.5 million points.


With the Pro2, we were unable to scan beyond 5-7 feet without getting errors. This means that in large spaces, we won’t be able to cover the area fast, even if so many scan points were not necessary. 

The Pro3 can be spaced much more (we’ll share numbers after field testing in different locations) between scans. So let’s say there’s a factory which has an area that doesn’t have inventory or equipment, we could skip the scans in this part.

In plain terms, a lot of work can be done sooner. This is important because businesses need to operate and can’t afford downtime due to photography.

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We’ve saved the best for the last. The Pro3 can capture outdoors!

Finally, Matterport virtual tours are no longer confined to indoors. This is particularly important in Real Estate where gardens, swimming pools and lawns can be captured, along with the built up space.

Villa plots? No problem!

We have plenty of beachside villas scheduled in Q1 and will be sharing with our website visitors soon.

Until now, the Pro2 could only take images (without IR or distance measurement) outdoors. Now, using the Pro3, a user can navigate just the way she would in an indoor virtual tour.

This critical feature now enables us to capture outdoors, making it useful for instances such as:

 – A house with a garden
 – A hotel with a lawn
 – A resort with a lot of open spaces
 – A university, its open areas and the playgrounds
 – Villa or housing plots without any construction
 – A temple holding an event outdoors
 – Parking spaces
 – Swimming pools and campsites
 – Stadiums and race tracks
 – Terrace areas

These are just some of the examples that we had personally come across so far, in terms of a limitation with the Pro2. The new LiDAR based Pro3 gives us more freedom to contribute without limitations.

Stay tuned for some of our live examples!

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