Thank you for helping us raise funds for our nationwide initiative. Why would this matter?

  • Makes government places like schools, hospitals, police stations, registration office, etc more familiar and transparent.
    – A child may want to go learn in a school, by seeing the images through an Android device or VR cardboard.
    – A senior citizen may get more comfortable with a hospital or registrar office by browsing through the media on Google Maps.
  • Makes villages and rural areas popular.
    – There’s potential to gain more business whether it is agriculture, weaving or dairy farming, by cutting out the middlemen.
    – Encourages tourism, thereby possibly bringing in revenue to the hotels and shops in the village.
  • Convenient for all age groups.
    – While Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality sectors are growing and evolving, people of all age groups can get an immersive experience of different places, especially those that are not paid too much attention to – such as a government building or a rural area.
  • Creates jobs.
    – The enormity of the work required to cover all places in India, demands more trained photographers in as many states as possible. While we have been in this VR field for a few years, our experience and expertise will guide the team to earn money, in a meaningful way. The images uploaded are a permanent record.
  • Brings awareness.
    – Even if we have hundreds of volunteers trained and sensitive to the policies, they would still need equipment. As authorised distributors of global brands like Insta360 and Pilot Era, we can provide the cameras and accessories. Volunteers and employees can bring in awareness of a particular place, while traveling and having fun clicking pictures at the same time.
  • Economic empowerment.
    – Helping BPL communities economically can be satisfying. You may find many images of a car showroom or shopping mall, but hardly one or two for a vegetable vendor. The place may not even be added on Google Maps.

If you think it makes sense, contribute any amount so that you can be a part of this digital revolution.

Receipts will be provided to all donors. The details of the funds collected, equipment purchased, contract employee payments and other expenses will be made transparent on the website. Our books are audited and maintained on a monthly basis. Tax benefits are available through our Section 8 company.