Read the FAQs for more info on Matterport in India, or Google Ads for global businesses. These are guidelines - contact us for specifics.

A new campaign setup is typically $100, unless there are hundreds of pages like certain e-com websites.

For accounts that need monthly management, the setup fee is waived off. Same goes for existing accounts that may need a restructure.

The monthly fees is 15% of the ad spend. Includes a detailed report and proactive optimisations.

It starts from ₹10 per sq ft and we usually take up large projects (10,000 sq ft or more) but will decide on a case-by-case basis. Certain spaces like a museum or a showroom could incur an additional cost owing to the complexity.

  1. Google Ads – Payment after monthly report is sent.
  2. Matterport – Upfront 100% payment in advance.
  3. Laser Scanning and GSV – Upfront 100% payment in advance.

Once the payment is made, we would need at least a week to schedule the dates and book flight tickets. We certainly take up rush requests, as long as the existing schedules are not affected.

We have a combination of digital marketing and 3D scanning skills, which was gained from years of experience and working on high-end projects.

Our quality speaks for itself and we have mostly repeat clients.

We have a reputation in the country as well as abroad. We do not have to negotiate, but can consider certain cases especially if they are in rural areas or not-for-profit organisations.

Otherwise, we recommend hiring local service providers, if cost is a factor.

We do not charge for travel and expenses, for any location in India. Our base price of 10 per sq ft covers it all.

Our editing fees are free for a lifetime. We look forward to long-term relationships and referrals.

There may be a charge for hosting, if you need multiple models to be captured and maintained for over a year. In such cases, we recommend clients to subscribe to their own Matterport accounts. Once we are done with the work at the site, we upload into the client’s account directly.

At this point, we do not. 

When and if we start a training program, it will have stringent quality measures and every step carefully vetted. It would be expensive and could take weeks to get certified. 

Many clients of ours are ad agencies in India and abroad. We happily white label for them – be it Google Ads as well as Matterport scans. We do not solicit jobs from the end client, and only work with the partner agency on the long run.

On the same note, we do not slash our rates even if there’s potential for high amount of projects regularly. We would not be able to refer other providers either.

No. If and when we start a drone-based LiDAR scanning service, it will be listed in the website.

The Meta (Oculus) Quest Pro was recently launched. It is backwards compatible, which means all the Matterport tours would work great – browser based.Meta Quest Pro - Adostrophe

We may offer AR solutions for some of our Matterport clients. Due to cost factors, we may suggest other alternatives that are similar. Email us and we’ll get back to you.

No, but we recommend you outsource your projects to us for white-labeled work. We are elite 3D photographers with many years of experience, so you can be assured of quality.

If you still need the cameras, we can help with the purchase. We are no longer a Matterport VAR (Value Added Reseller) but can help you with a good deal, including lifetime support with carrying our professional-grade scans. Your tax invoice and warranty will be provided by other VARs.

Absolutely. You’ll have to transfer the space to us or give access to your account. We’ll take it from there.

We can check the 3D scans for quality and organise the models for you. Other edits include placing 360 images, trimming, highlight reels, Mattertags, labels, Storyboard, Notes and more.

We’ve done thousands of such tasks for our clients and will be happy to assist you with these remote jobs so that you can focus on the field. 

Yes, we have a few projects in the APAC region coming up soon. We may be open to other areas, depending on various factors. Let us know your requirements and we’ll get back to you.

No. Our YouTube channel features videos that are essentially screen recordings of highlight reels, with some royalty-free audio. 

We intentionally did not use Adobe tools and refrained from professional video editing tasks.

Yes, it is the same as scanning during the day but windows and doors would look dark. This may not look inviting in the real estate or hospitality sectors, but scanning at night is not a problem.

Graveyard shifts are common in factories, warehouses and industries. They may use Matterport for inventory and facilities management. 

As India’s first Insta360 authorised distributor, we’re fond of the Google Local Guides community and their Streetview contributions. 

For our own work, we don’t use consumer 360° cameras, and we no longer deal with Chinese imports. For our past customers, we recommend contacting the manufacturer at service@insta360.com for any support.

For others who are looking for suggestions to start with a consumer camera to try out Matterport, we suggest the Ricoh Theta X. That’s the minimum quality clients expect.

No, that used to be a free add-on service to select clients, especially in the Real Estate sector. Now, we only take up large projects that make use of professional scanners for Matterport and True-3D point cloud jobs.

These are two different fields and there’s a steep learning curve for both, when it comes to delivering professional work. Frankly, we are not experts at DSLR photography in the ‘Manual’ mode. We stick to what we’re good at – Google Ads and Matterport.