Get a high-quality Google Ads (formerly AdWords) campaign setup for your business. Let your clients or customers find you online easily. With sponsored advertising, you can show up on the top of Google search results within a few hours.

Advantages of a Google Ads account:
– Go live immediately.
Show up on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) even without SEO efforts.
– Control the messaging.
Write engaging, customised titles and descriptions to attract the right audience.
– Go further.
Use extensions to show additional information, including links to your website.
– On a budget?
No minimum amount. Start as low as you want. You control the daily budgets and Keyword level bids.
– Expand.
Create additional campaigns for other products, services or time-based events.
– First time advertiser?
Get a promotional offer from Adostrophe, specific to your country and currency. For example – match spend $100 in the US or INR 2000 in India.
– Access.
Login to the account anytime, see the performance, switch on or off campaigns, add/remove campaign managers.

Why Adostrophe?
– Over 15 years experience in SEM, having worked for premier US businesses in all verticals.
– Review your campaign in Excel or within the Google Ads Editor.
– With a focus on conversions (sales or leads), the reports would show a monthly, quarterly and yearly improvement in performance.
– Satisfaction guaranteed. Pay only if you’re 100% happy with the performance that month.
– Get proactive suggestions including other campaign types and website changes.
– Conversion tracking and Google Analytics are enabled by default for all accounts.
– Get a one-time setup for a flat fee (typically $100) along with free optimisations for one month. No limits on Keywords, Ad Groups and other components.
– Choose to continue management on the long term, for a fixed fee or a percentage of the monthly advertising budget.
– Complete transparency in all aspects of campaign management. Get familiar with the best practices and consult any time.
– Free services for non-profits and NGOs. Get end-to-end support with Google Ad Grant accounts.
– Discounted pricing for agencies and large account businesses.

Get an invoice after the monthly report and pay directly or through Upwork. Additional support includes Microsoft Ads (Bing Ads) and Facebook Ads (Business Manager).

Looking for a one-time setup? Pay now and leave the rest to us.
– Only $100 for a complete campaign with unlimited Keywords, Text Ads and other components.
– Monitoring and optimisations for one month.
– Money-back guarantee, if you’re not happy with the performance.

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