Adostrophe was incorporated in Jan 2017 as an advertising agency that manages campaigns for businesses worldwide. With over 15 years experience in creating and optimising accounts for premier US advertisers, we were one of the few badged Google Partners in India.

Currently, we only manage accounts for non-profits and NGOs. We assist in setting up Google Ad Grant accounts, TechSoup and the unique campaigns. This allows a non-profit to utilise $10,000 per month in ad spend.

We may setup paid campaigns for businesses who opt for 360 degree photography services. Also, as a part of Adostrophe Foundation, small businesses and stores get a free campaign setup, if they opt to advertise in Google and Facebook. Note that in both these cases, the advertising budget is borne by the client.

We are transparent in all aspects of our sales and services, and aim for 100% customer satisfaction. We offer consistent results monthly, quarterly and yearly, and invoice only if the client or customer is happy with the performance.