Google AdWords

Get recommendations from someone who understands your business, audience, well-wishers and enthusiasts. Whether you’re a new advertiser or an experienced one, the battle is between CPC (Cost Per Click – the amount you pay for a visitor, not necessarily the bids you place, though) and CPA (Cost Per Acquisition – you can call the acquisition as a sale, lead, sign-up or simply a high-quality website visitor on a desktop device) in every monthly report.

This is why Adostrophe believes in working backward – we bring in maximum ROI consistently, and you pay management costs only when you’re happy with the performance – MoM, QoQ and YoY.

The key is to track the efficiency of the campaigns through reports. This also means that you give access (or route it) to your developers to let them install codes and consider user-experience improvements. For example, Google Analytics and conversion tracking codes are part of the package.

Write to us at or call (+91 8861188822) or Skype (live:niranjan_105) anytime. We’ll get back as soon as humanly possible!

Please see the Google policy with 3rd party agencies and feel free to search any Google Partners from the portal, if you want to work with local support. They are certified, follow best-practices regularly and have accounts with an ad spend of USD $10,o00 a quarter, at least.

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