Google Grants

If you have a Google Grant AdWords account, let Adostrophe manage it for you, at a fraction of the typical cost. While you have a $10,000 budget, you may not really spend it all for the right Keywords.

We take a totally new approach and would not be like the cookie-cutter campaign setup that SEO companies offer as an add-on, as opposed to experienced SEM specialists.

The best-practices we use have come from a decade’s experience in optimizing PPC campaigns. We can easily talk about the tips and tricks for Grant accounts right here, but that would be like exposing trade secrets, won’t it? We may consider it in the future. For now, let’s suffice to say that you test out our management for a month without paying anything. If you’re happy with the performance, we can settle on a fixed or hourly rate that both parties are comfortable with – otherwise, no obligations at all!

Adostrophe itself has a non-profit arm that helps low scale businesses to get listed online. Free listings such as Google Maps and My Business is a default offering – when we get enough funds, we might advertise (and host) for them as well. Everyone deserves to go online – from housewives creating products at home and a street vendor selling lamp shades. This offering is only for those who really can’t afford it and will have to agree to get featured on our NGO blog.

If you don’t have a Grant account already, contact us for more information. You’ll have to be registered, at the very least. Learn more at If you have the time, browse through the non-profit website – because it can be as fascinating as

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