Google Street View & 360° Photography

What is this Service?

  • Using the Matterport Pro2, we scan the property and upload to GSV
  • The scans show up under Photos – Street View and 360° in Google Maps
  • Visitors will be able to pan around and also move from one point to another, within Google Maps
  • The Matterport URL will also be available as a standalone link

The below example is an embed code taken from Google Maps. This was scanned originally as a Matterport virtual tour.

The Matterport virtual tour is below:

Why Use this Service?

Google My Business is now managed in Google Maps and Search. This is usually the face of any business, even if they have a dedicated website.

With 134MP resolution, the panoramic images appear clean and professional in a Pro2. The connections are also seamless.

Here’s another example:

What are the Charges?

The charges are the same as it would be for a Matterport 3D scan, which is typically ₹ 10 per sq ft. The rates are subjective and is decided on a case by case basis. The service is pro bono for NGOs and goverment-owned properties.

Talk to us to learn more. There are no additional charges for uploading the media to GSV. For paid projects, the client gets to upload as ‘by owner” if they choose to.

What this is Not

This service does not involve blue lines and capturing roads, which GSV is popularly known for.

For a showroom, if the external panorama is captured, it is usually done early morning so that traffic is minimal.

People (if any) and licence plate numbers are blurred out. There are usually no blurring done inside the property since we scan only when there are no staff or customers around.

Google Street View Trusted - Adostrophe

Adostrophe is a Google Maps Street View Trusted agency. The combined views of our panoramic images are more than 4 crores as on 15th Sep, 2022.

Panoramic media displayed above was captured by Adostrophe for various clients. All Trademarks are acknowledged as belonging to thier respective owners.