Matterport Support in India

Matterport Pro2 in India - Adostrophe

We take immense pleasure in training and supporting our customers in India. As overwhelming as it might seem, the tradecraft can be mastered with regular practice and guidance. Otherwise, you might continue to work incorrectly for years together, thereby wasting time, resources and potentially damaging the sensitive hardware.

On the same note, we welcome 360 degree camera users (such as the Ricoh Theta X) wholeheartedly. We were India’s first authorised distributors of certain brands of panoramic cameras and we know first hand what the consumers’ needs are.

Upskilling India

Learning to capture efficiently is just the beginning. There’s also the critical part of networking and presenting the possibilites to the lakhs of potential businesses who are unaware of the concept of the virtual tour. Yes, we help with these vital aspects as well. In fact, if we train and certiffy you or your team, we might just forward our leads to you, irrespective of the location.