Adostrophe no longer sells 360-degree cameras from Insta360 or other Chinese brands such as Kandao, Labpano and Teche. The good news is that there are plenty of other sellers in India, and we have listed the product links below:

  • Insta360 does not have a service center in India yet. Please email for tech support. The team is world-class!
  • Insta360 does not have an official presence in India yet. There are, however, sellers who import and distribute locally.
  • Certain Insta360 devices may require activation, so kindly double check if the seller is listed as an authorized distributor on their official page –

Insta360 ONE R

Adostrophe - Insta360 1 Inch

Our favorite consumer 360-degree camera, this is compact, rugged and totally modular. Having dealt with numerous lens issues with the ONE X, the ONE R addresses these with a hardened glass lens protector and, most importantly – replaceable modules.

We recommend the Twin Edition. Check the Amazon India links below. These are affiliate recommendations and we are not associated with any of the sellers.

Insta360 ONE X 2

Adostrophe - Insta360

The new avatar of the ONE X, this has a better display and thin form that can be easily slipped into a pocket. Note that these cameras are 5.7K resolution, although the output may not be as good as you expect. There are no consumer cameras with 8K resolution from Insta360 released yet. The ONE X2 is compatible with Matterport.

Insta360 GO 2

Insta360 Pro 2

Insta360 Titan

Adostrophe - Insta360 Titan

Curated List of Cameras and Accessories from Insta360

As India’s first authorized Insta360 distributors, we can vouch for the quality of Insta360 cameras. Go ahead and buy from Amazon India:

360 Degree Cameras from Ricoh

If you’re buying a 360-degree camera for more than recreation, Ricoh Theta Z1 is an excellent alternative. Matterport shoots, for instance, render well on a Z1, although clients expect quality from professional cameras such as the Matterport Pro2 and BLK360. Note that the Ricoh Theta SC2 is now compatible with Matterport.

Affiliate Disclosure: When you click on the external links, Adostrophe may earn a commission from the purchases made. In order to avoid impulsive shopping, it is recommended to add the product to WishList and make payments after a few days when you’ve researched enough and decide that a 360-degree camera is what you really need, be it for business or recreation.