Managing COVID-19: March 23rd, 2020

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The good news is that 80% of those who tested positive for the Novel Coronavirus would recover on their own. While the entire world is hoping that a drug or vaccine is invented soon, the best course of action would now be to minimise the spread of infection.

The Logic:
As weeks pass, news is filled with new cases who tested positive, and the number of deaths. If we had gone about our normal routine, the pandemic is only going to increase exponentially. At this stage, all of us have a responsibility to help in controlling the deadly virus.
Apart from the precautions prescribed by WHO and local authorities, the logic is to stay at home, thereby not exposing yourself to risk. If you’re working from home, visit this page for a comprehensive list of resources –

The Fun Part:
It’s been decades since such a serious social distancing initiative has been implemented by the Indian government. Schools are shut and office goers get to work from home. Read this article from Think with Google for tips on effectively working from home.
Roads are relatively less congested and the air more breathable. With about a 100 states going into lockdown mode, you can’t travel even if you want to – so make the best out of it and avoid going outdoors. If you live with family and pets, spend quality time – you may not get this opportunity again.

Going Minimalist:
As Amazon sellers, we have an obligation to fulfil orders placed by the customer, within a committed time line. If it was a Prime order, chances are that the items are at Amazon’s warehouses (Fulfilment Centres). Today, some of us decided that it would not help the transport of essential items if we continue to sell our electronics and furniture. Profit can take a hit, but we would not be clogging up logistics at this time.

As a customer, even if an item appears available, refrain from placing an order. It is likely that the delivery could take weeks or even get cancelled. Play your part by embracing minimalism. On the same note, do make the best of online transactions at BigBasket, Zomato and Swiggy.

Working Out:
If you have a good treadmill at home, use it by all means. Certain coaches opine that working out at home, especially with weights, is not necessarily beneficial. This is probably a good time to practice meditation and simple breathing techniques. Stretches can never go wrong – ensure that you maintain form and don’t bounce back to the original position. The movements should be slow and without holding the breath. There are plenty of great videos online, available for free.
Working out not only breaks the monotony, but also releases endorphins that makes you feel good and poised to face issues. Have fun looking and feeling great!

During my WFH days at Yahoo, I used to complete all my tasks (and even more) within a couple of hours. Thats one of the advantages of having extensive experience and being a trainer. At home, the remaining hours can be spent to play Counter Strike or watch movies.
If you liked Breaking Bad, you could consider Better Call Saul. If you find nothing interesting on Netflix, try Prime Video, Apple TV+ or YT Movies. Paid media has better quality and also prevents piracy.

There are plenty of odd jobs at home that you could fit into your schedule. Does the gravel in the aquarium need a good scrub before redecorating? How about picking up a service manual and see where your bike or car could use some help? Power tools such as drills and washers can be great fun. Need motivation? Check out this Facebook Page for some great videos –

The Basics:
Stay clean, stay healthy and we can fight this new virus together. It is also a good time to sanitise (or deep clean) the entire house, patio and garden. Avoid hoarding on essential supplies and buy only when you have to. Controlling expenses has never been easier.

Although most of our cameras are sold to outdoor enthusiasts, think of ways you can hone your photography skills from home. Animals, birds and fish are awesome portrait subjects because of their symmetry and endearing looks. Maybe its high time you shoot that YT tutorial video, talking about topics that you’re good at. Creativity is the limit. Have fun!