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Here's a fraction of New Delhi, through Matterport scans and DSLR content. We'll keep adding 3D virtual tours to this post regularly.

The title was intentionally left as “Delhi” instead of “New Delhi” because Old Delhi is as charming as bustling as always. While we may have worked on multiple Matterport projects in the most populated city in India, only certain tours would be publicly displayed for NDA reasons. Let’s jump right in – 

Connaught Place

Here’s a Matterport 3D virtual tour created for Titan Helios in CP. Pan around, click to move to the next scan point and see floor plans:

Since some of our website visitors were unaware on how a Matterport tour can be experienced, we’ve gone ahead and created a video based on the tour’s highlights. The YouTube link is below:

With the retail sector, organic reach is vital for conversions even when sponsored advertising has proven to be reliable to an extent. One of the proven ways of getting quality leads is through Google My Business (now integrated into Google Maps listings) with unbiased ratings to add credibility. 

A trusted brand like Titan could simply upload the highlight reels from the Matterport virtual tour in Google Streetview so that potential customers not only see what’s on display, but they can also navigate within the store in the Google Maps platform. Think of it as a user-friendly Yellow Pages directory, showing up on Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

Bhairon Marg

The National Crafts Museum and Hastkala Academy in Pragati Maidan was probably one of our best scans ever. Best, in terms of the impact it could have on multiple demographics in a country as diverse as ours. Depending on the approval from our partners, we may post the virtual tour link in this post soon. Meanwhile, here are some of the 2D images that are public already:

Copyright and source –

Museum Entrance - Adostrophe
Lota Shop - Adostrophe

Buy your souvenirs at Lota shop. Managed by Handicrafts & Handlooms Exports Corporation of India Ltd. A Government of India Undertaking (Ministry of Textiles)

Aiyanaar Shrine - Adostrophe

Aiyanaar Shrine – Tamil Nadu

Visitor Info - Adostrophe

Visitor information – yes, photography is allowed

Museum Entry Ticket - Adostrophe

The entry ticket for visitors – the nominal amount is necessary for the upkeep of the museum

Museum Floor Plan - Adostrophe

Floor plan

Museum Gallery Entrance - Adostrophe

Gallery Entrance


 – Bronze Lamps and Incense Burners from the 16th to the 19th Century

 – Picture is from “The Sunday or the Daily Prayers of the Brahmins” by S.C. Belnos.

Domestic Shrine of the Jaina Sect, Gujarat, 18th Century

Islam Objects - Adostrophe

Sacred Objects of Islam, from the 15th Century

Gujarat Embroidery - Adostrophe

Gujarat Embroidery

Banjara Embroidery - Adostrophe

Phulkari – Floral Embroidery from Punjab and Haryana

Appliqué Work and Toda Embroidery (Nilgiris)

Saree, 20th Century, Tamil Nadu – Brocade, 3 Shuttle Weaving, Silk and Meenakari Style

Exhibit - Adostrophe
Telangana Textiles - Adostrophe

Ikat – Telangana

18th Century Chariot in Wood and Metal – Maharashtra

Wooden Puppets - Adostrophe

Cloth and Woood Puppets – Rajasthan

Dhokra Figures - Adostrophe

Dhokra Figures in Brass – Chattisgharh

Everyday Life Objects in Bamboo and Cane – Arunachal Pradesh

Tatched Huts with Clay Figurines in a Bengal Village Scene

bhairon_marg_pragati_maidan_new_delhi_110001-3d - adostrophe

With more than 33,000 artefacts at the renowned museum, a blog post or a Matterport virtual tour can’t do justice to this magical place. We strongly urge you to visit in person and learn more about each of the exhibits first hand. Do not forget to visit the audio-visual room for a personalised presentation from experts.

En Route to IGI Airport (DEL)

Matterport tours of hotels will be posted in this blog post soon. Stay tuned!

Radisson Delhi - Adostrophe
Taj Delhi - Adostrophe

Feel like packing your bags already? Go for it – there’s no place like “Dhilli”.

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