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Matterport Pro2 - Adostrophe

Now in India, the Matterport Pro2 camera is available along with subscription plans at special prices. Looking for multiple cameras with custom Business plans? Contact us anytime.

More About the Pro2

  • Professional camera with high resolution imagery
  • Easy to use, with no advanced photography skills required
  • Scan spaces of all sizes – battery lasts all day
  • Infrared-based 3D sensor with 134 Mega Pixels
  • Imported from the U.S.

What Does it Do?

Use the Matterport Pro2 camera to capture spaces in any vertical including Real Estate, Hospitality, Education, Healthcare and more. When you upload the scans using the Capture app, you’ll get a custom URL link which will contain the 3D virtual tour. Share it easily, without heavy attachments.

Download 2D and panoramic images from the virtual tour. You may also download floor plans and create OBJ files, based on your requirements.

The possibilities are endless – learn more from the manufacturer’s official site:

Servicing in India

The Matterport Pro2 scanner has a warranty for one year under normal use. Refer the Terms of Sale to learn more.

In simple words, Adostrophe will support its customers post purchase in all aspects including capture techniques, subscription plans, technical questions (such as Revit related) and those related to hardware.

Depending on the device issues that requires diagnosis (and to be shipped to the US), we may offer a loaner during the time its under repair. This is to ensure our customers’ work continues smoothly.

Repair kits (along with instructional videos) is an optional add on. 

Tech Specs

In the box:

 – Matterport Pro2 scanner

 – Quick Start Guide

 – Power supply

 – Foam insert. 

You may use the box to travel, since the foam lining will protect the device adequately. 

If you choose to purchase a case separately (such as a Nanuk, Manfrotto, Pelican or Victorinox) then ensure this foam is used, or ask the case manufacturer for a foam-insert that is pre cut for the Matterport Pro2. Adostrophe is working on sourcing these essentials for customers. Stay tuned.

Size9.0″ width / 10.25″ height / 4.33″ depth (230 x 260 x 110 mm) 
Weight7.6 lb (3.5 kg) / Shipped 12 lbs (5.44 kg)
Operating Temperature50º to 90º F (10 to 32° C)
Storage Temperature32º to 104º F (0 to 40° C)
OLED Display ScreenIncluded 
Input Voltage

15V DC 

Battery CapacityAbout 8 hours (continuous use) via 2 packs at 77 Wh each, permanently installed. 8 cells per battery, 9.6 Wh per cell. Battery is not detachable.
Charge Time4.5 hours 
Wireless Connections

WiFi to transfer data from camera to iPad through the Capture app. WiFi 802.11 n/ac 5 GHz. 

Mounting ConnectionFemale 3/8″-16 Arca-Swiss-type QR plate, permanently installed. 
Lens4K Full Glass
Capture Performance
Camera Warmup TimeAbout 60 seconds
Capture Resolution4K square per skybox face
Capture Time per Scan20 seconds
Transfer Time from Camera to iPad11 seconds
Aligning/Processing Time on iPadAbout 10 seconds. Maximum of 25 seconds before triggering an alignment error
Number of Exposures per HDR Frame5 exposures at high dynamic range (better image quality than prior Matterport Pro 3D Camera)
Depth Resolution10 points per degree (3600 points at equator, 1800 points at meridian, about 4 million points per pano)
Output Pano Pixels134 MP, equirectuangular. For internal processing only.
System Performance
Maximum 2D Snapshot Download Resolution

8092 x 4552 pixels @ 70% zoom level (36 MP)

Other resolutions:

  • 5664 x 3186 @ 100% (18 MP)
  • 2832 x 1593 @ 200% (4 MP)
  • 1888 x 1062 @ 300% (2 MP)
Maximum 360º Snapshot Download Resolution

8 MP (4096 x 2048), equirectangular

Average Load Time for 3D Showcase

3.5 seconds over WiFi (desktop), 4.5 seconds over LTE (mobile). Similar to Matterport Pro 3D Camera.

Visual Experience inside 3D ShowcaseMore detailed 2D panoramas when compared to the Matterport Pro 3D Camera. Enhanced zooming up to 300%.
Transition Time between Panos in 3D ShowcaseSimilar to Matterport Pro 3D Camera
White BalancingAutomatic full-model
3D Data RegistrationAutomatic
Matterport Pro2 at Work - Adostrophe

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s the cost of the Pro2?
    The cost of the MC250 in India depends on the manufacturer’s offers which varies from time to time.
  2. Why is it more expensive in India?
    There are additional costs to be factored in – UPS shipping, IGST, customs clearance, Blue Dart shipping, packaging and servicing in India.
    Adostrophe intends to make Matterport hardware and software most affordable by directly passing on our discounts to you as the end user.
  3. Can I buy the accessories from Adostrophe?
    To make it easier for our customers, we are working on offering bundled packages that would include the cases (with foam inserts), tripods, Acra-Swiss clamps and more.
  4. Are there better cameras in India?
    The Matterport Pro2 is an InfraRed-based scanner typically used indoors to capture point cloud data. This is a device designed to capture built-up spaces, typically indoors.
    If the need is higher accuracy, as in architectural industry, then there’s Leica BLK360. For low-cost and portability (pocket-sized) needs, there’s Ricoh Theta Z1 and the newly launched, Theta X.
  5. What is the difference between the Pro1 and the Pro2?
    The Pro2 has a larger battery capacity, enabling users to scan for 8 hours at a stretch, without having to recharge. Note that this means that the weight is more, which could make a difference while capturing large areas or traveling by air. Adostrophe sells only the Pro2.
  6. What about demos and training?
    Compared to other resellers in India, this is our strength. We will support customers for a lifetime, offering feedback after every scan and mentoring based on the professional goals. Our experience and expertise will be passed on to the end users, with no strings attached. Customers refers to not just Pro2 buyers, but also those who purchase SaaS plans from us.
  7. Where can Adostrophe travel?
    For our scanning services, we travel all over India frequently. We will soon have offices in all major cities to faciliate hardware demos and to speed up logistics.

More FAQs to be added soon. Have a question or a suggestion? Please email us –