Matterport Pro2 for Sale - Adostrophe

Grab Your Gear

The Matterport Pro2 is an excellent investment for you as a photographer or a business. With India’s ever growing ‘built-up’ spaces, there will always be scope for your Matterport venture to become profitable. Keep following our blog for useful resources to scale your new business.

Here are two ways you can buy the professional 3D camera – 

  1. Let us know, and we will import it for you. The camera gets delivered at your doorstep, anywhere in India which Blue Dart would service. The invoice includes GST and shipping charges.
  2. Buy directly from the manufacturer. If you have the IEC and the resources needed, go ahead and use this referral link to buy at discounted prices.

If you do not wish to buy your own equipment or allocate employees to shoot, let Adostrophe handle it for you. Our pricing is transparent and we believe in long-term relationships.

We travel all over India, with WHO precautions followed diligently. If you need RTPCR test results, it might take another 24 hours. Talk to us to learn more.