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Why buy a camera when you can outsource the scanning services to professionals? Check out some of our virtual tours in cities across India.

Thanks to restrictions being lifted, April has been a productive month, filled with Matterport scans across the country. It took us years to reach this level of delivering quality tours while applying industry-specific best practices. Credit goes to our clients who appreciate the value of a 3D virtual tour for their business’ digital marketing needs. Let’s dive right in!

Some virtual tour embeds may not be displayed publicly in our blog due to NDA obligations. Here are the non-Bangalore locations, in alphabetical order:

Matterport in Bhubaneswar

The capital city of Odisha is quite a welcoming place with plenty of Hindi and English speaking people around. Similar to every other location, there would be more information posted for travelers soon.

Here’s a furniture manufacturer’s factory and studio. There’s another showroom in Benglauru but the owners ship the premium furniture nationwide. It is recommended that potential customers call upfront and book appointments at the studio so that the premium range of furniture and decor can be customized to the unique requirements.

The tour will have labels and Mattertags soon. Those parts can be done any time later in the backend, after the scanning work is completed.

Matterport in Odisha - Adostrophe

Notice the Pro2 scanner in the background? Furniture studios can be tricky – the height of the scanner should be appropriate for a comfortable viewing experience. If it’s too high, certain items like beds or sofas will not have the opimum angle. In some situations, the capturing best practices are similar to those for hospitality and residential real estate.

Matterport in Chennai

A metro city in south India which is also a coastal location with plenty of beaches to visit. Our recent projects in Chennai were for showrooms of a popular brand. Visit this blog post again for some luxury beachfront properties. 

Matterport in Coimbatore

Here’s a small showroom, but notice the number of scan points around the display. This kind of scan density may be necessary for potential customers who want to take a closer look at the watch faces.

To see snapshots from the virtual tour and some DSLR images taken on site, visit the Behance project here.

Matterport in Coimbatore - Adostrophe

The staff at Brookefields mall welcome and pay undivided attention to all customers, including students and those who may not look like luxury watch buyers. Kudos to the team!

Matterport in Goa

Half the drive from Bangalore to Goa was at above 120kmph. Then, we had to make-do with what was left of the route. A note to all drivers is to plan ahead for food, because there aren’t many restaurants in the road side, other than those in Hubli and Dharwad. 

Our virtual tours in this surreal Union Territory can’t be displayed but we guarantee you there are many more coming up.

Perambulator_Goa - Adostrophe

While there are plenty of hospitality businesses in Goa, many of them don’t even need marketing. Still, having a Matterport 3D virtual tour embedded on their website, or panoramic images with chevrons in Google Maps can give them a competitive edge.

First-time visitors, be prepared for a culture shock, where everyone is comfortable with the way you’re dresed up or the language you speak. Out here, even in South Goa, no one stares! This is one city that can be a model for the rest of the country. 

Matterport in Hyderabad

With clean, spacious roads from the airport to the city, Hyderabad is one of the most modern locations preferred by companies worldwide. This month, we had scanned a specific department of a university. It was 24,000 sq ft and had completed it within a day.

With clients asking what is the maxium area that can be covered in a day, we feel it is subjective and depends on the complexity. For instance, a showroom or a museum would have many more scans included in it (and our rates would also be significantly higher) to ensure the viewers experience the virtual tour like they would in real life.

One of our other scans was for a small business – a professional studio that specialises in training pole dance, which is the first of its kind in Hyderabad!

Pound from Boldfit

Pound is a professional pole dance trainer who shatters all stereotypes and stigma associated with the fitness regimen. Follow Polefit Boldfit on Instagram.

Matterport in Kochi

Did you know that Kochi airport is the first in the world to be fully powered by solar energy? Our project here was for a furniture studio which can’t be publicised at the moment. However, we will keep adding other tours in this section shortly.

Matterport in Kochi - Adostrophe

Matterport in Kolkata

Apart from certain drivers honking incessantly, Cal is an amazing city with friendly people who speak Hindi and English fluently. Kolkata was the capital of British India and it is evident even for first-time visitors.

Our projects in Salt Lake and Topsia Road are not shareable now. Rest assured, we will add some other scans asap.

Matterport in Kolkata - Adostrophe

The Salt Lake Stadium (The Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan) attracts plenty of football players and enthusiasts. 

Kolkata Professionals at Work - Adostrophe

Staff at a showroom in Kolkata.

Matterport in Mumbai and Pune

Lonavala is a hill station perched in between Mumbai and Pune. The popular weekend getaway destination is visited by locals and tourists all over India.

Details on scanning a 5-star hotel deserves a separate blog post in itself, and we’re working on it. For now, our website visitors can think about booking a room in the resort and spa from the official page displayed in the virtual tour above.

A co-worker at the presidential suite at Radisson, Lonavala.

The Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Pune on 13th April, where Mumbai Indians were slated against Punjab Kings.

Matterport in Surat

Surat is quite a developed city with no signs of slowing down. A few hours from Mumbai airport, the project here was a (confidential) showroom. An interesting point to note is that alcohol and non-vegetarian are not available as you’d expect from a modern city in India. 

Maybe we didn’t try hard enough, but the variety of vegetarian food was quite appealing and palatable. Stay tuned for Surat and Ahmedabad-specific 3D tours to be featured here.

Matterport in Vizag

Matterport Pro2 at Work - Adostrophe

Another coastal city which is also a naval dockyard, which is why we did not use our DSLR much in the airport. However, the submarine museum (INS Kurusura) allows photography and is must-visit destination for kids to get awe struck. 

We will post our public virtual tours in Vizag in the near future. For now, we are NDA bound.

What about the Rest?

Yes, those cities are coming up – pretty soon. Scroll to the bottom of our Services page ( to see the upcoming locations in Q2, 2022. We thank everyone for working together to get the pandemic under control. Let’s be alert, help each other out and certainly – stay safe.

Matterport Pro2 - Adostrophe
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