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  1. Does Adostrophe sell the Pro2 cameras in India?
    Yes, the hardware is imported directly from the manufacturer in the United States. The camera is delivered to your doorstep via Blue Dart.

  2. What else will I need along with the camera?
    You will need the software to host your shoots, which you can purchase separately. If you use the Pro2 camera (as opposed to the Insta360 ONE X or an iPhone) you are going to need a Business or a Professional plan.

  3. Does Adostrophe sell the subscription plans?
    We certainly do. Similar to the hardware, we also offer special pricing on the SaaS. You may buy the plans even if you do not buy any camera from us.

  4. What if I don’t have the budget, but want to experiment with a few virtual tours?
    Adostrophe will be happy to shoot for you. We offer the lowest prices in India for the first 10 shoots. For companies and builders who would have ongoing requirements, we will create a custom pricing plan.

  5. Why should I buy from Adostrophe?
    Apart from pricing, you get support for a lifetime. We don’t push products and forget the customers, but help with everything that you may need. Our support is also available in Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil and Malayalam.
    If you need servicing at any time, we will assist with that as well. Until your camera is worked upon, we will give you a different camera to use in the meantime.

Advanced FAQ:

  1. I’m a builder and want to use my own Matterport account. Can Adostrophe do just the shooting part?
    Yes, once we are done with the shooting and post processing, we can transfer the ‘space’ to your account. Post transfer, we won’t have any control of it in the future.

  2. Will the shareable links be white-labelled?
    No, all spaces are hosted within Matterport. You will be using a my.matterport link to share with your clients or post on your website and social media channels.

  3. Are other cameras used during the shoot?
    Yes, we may use a DSLR and other 360 degree cameras like the Insta360 Pro 2. However these photos and videos will not be integrated with the Matterport tour, but sent separately to you.

  4. What are the rates for a 1000 sq feet area?
    Please talk to us for a custom quote. We do not publish pricing online so that the market remains healthy and there is no undercutting going on among professionals who also offer the same service.

  5. Should I pay for the travel?
    Team Adostrophe can travel anywhere in India, within a week’s notice. For certain clients, we may offer services within a day or two, depending on the flight availability. For initial shoots and for clients who offer regular projects, we do not charge expenses like travel.

  6. How long does it take to cover a premium villa?
    It depends on a lot of factors like the area covered, preparation, weather, etc. As a buffer, we take about half a day per shoot. We add as many scans as possible for optimal quality.

  7. In a virtual tour, say a car is displayed and it is clicked upon, can information be displayed?
    Absolutely! This is one of the unique advantages of the VT. If a customer clicks on the tag, you can choose to display the price and other relevant information, including a hyperlink.

  8. Can I add multimedia to a Mattertag?
    Yes, you can add a title (60 characters), description (1000 characters), image, audio and video. We will handle all the post processing work for you at no additional cost. 
    Check out the below link to test out tags –

  9. I’m a retail store – can the virtual tour allow customers to click and add products to a shopping cart?
    This is possible but would require advanced work using the SDK to create a custom solution like a shopping cart, wishlist or a live video calling feature.
    Adostrophe does not offer these services currently, but may consider it for certain enterprises.

  10. Can I upload the scans to Google Street View?
    Yes, adding the panoramas to GSV will get you more visibility and can be vital to your promotional efforts. With a Business or Professional plan, the uploads are free for a limited time.