Schools and Colleges

3D Virtual Tours for the Education Sector

Embed the tour in the website, share on social media and upload on Google Maps

Display the facilities to parents, students and stakeholders in an easy way.

Virtual tours are also used to share with vendors, contractors, designers and engineers for construction and facilities management.

Matterport for Schools - Adostrophe
Matterport for Teachers - Adostrophe

High-Definition Imagery

Matterport virtual tours allow you to extract high-res images for various initiatives

Be it a symposium, conference or any collaterals like prospectus, the 2D images extracted from the virtual tours are print ready. Matterport’s 125MP professional cameras capture high-quality images.

Dollhouses and Floor Plans with Labels

Matterport for Colleges - Adostrophe
Matterport for Colleges - Floor Plan - Adostrophe

Preparing for the Scan

  • Plan to get the scan captured on a holiday – no students and staff walking around.
  • Share the total area (in sq ft) and floor plans if available.
  • A housekeeping/security staff on standby to switch on lights, open windows, etc.
  • Lights to be on outside temporarily, for external shots.
  • Remove vehicles and buses if possible.
  • Playgrounds to be free for a few minutes, or scheduled accordingly.
  • Auditoriums, libraries and common areas to be clean and chairs organised.

Create a Virtual Tour

For your school, college, university and educational institution. No minimum budget.

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