Showrooms and the Retail Industry

Matterport for Showrooms

Create an immersive shopping experience online and also increase footfalls to your store

Create a Matterport 3D virtual tour for your showroom and embed it in your website. Share on social media and upload on Google Streetview with connections.

Matterport 3D for Retail - Adostrophe
Matterport for Showrooms - Adostrophe

That 3D Walkthrough

Use the Matterport virtual tour for promotion, documentation and planning

It’s one thing to share your store’s digital twin to customers, but totally another to show employees and vendors.

Apart from taking a visual documentation, the virtual tour allows designers to measure distances remotely.

See how Titan has added the virtual tour on their website. External link – opens in a new window. 

The below 360° image is from Google Maps. Note the white arrows (chevrons) that let’s a user navigate from within Streetview.

Flat Rates Across India

Get a Matterport 3D virtual tour for your showroom. Although we typically take up large projects, exceptions are made for showrooms and other cases. Get a consultation today.
Showrooms and the Retail Industry

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