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3D Virtual Tours for the Hospitality Sector

Increase bookings with a Matterport virtual tour of your space

Guests who see a virtual tour are more likely to book. They are seeing the space at their own pace, unlike traditional images and videos.

Matterport for 5 Star Hotels - Adostrophe
Matterport for Resorts in Bangalore - Adostrophe
Matterport for Travel and Hospitality - Adostrophe

Attract Travellers and Event Planners

Embed the virtual tour in your website and increase engagement

Whether they are guests or event managers, the Matterport 3D virtual tour will help you attract the right audience, and repel unwanted ones.

Preparing for the Virtual Tour:

  • Ensure the room(s) is well-prepared in advance. Linens to be ironed, shampoos in place, etc.
  • All lights and lamps to be switched on. Windows to be open even if it’s an AC room.
  • Garbage bins to be removed or hidden.
  • For external shoots, try removing any vehicles.
  • Plan for the shoot in the common areas around dawn, to minimise people walking around, like guests and staff.
  • Event spaces to be made available throughout the days of the shoot.
  • Restaurant to be setup ahead of schedule. 

For hotels that need the entire space to be covered (and not just one or two rooms), we’ll reach a day before to meet with managers and to conduct a recce. We’ll start the shoot by 6 AM the next morning.

Consult with Us to Get Started

We'll work with you to make your property look good. These virtual tours can be used for many years to come, to keep you busy with high-rates of occupancy.

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