Mysore Palace in 360 Degrees

Mysore is a city in Karnataka, India, which has many landmarks – the Mysore Palace being the most famous destination among them. It was a paid shoot for a client who wanted 360 degree images, preferably with no people around.

The palace is particularly popular during Dusherra wherein certain sections are open, which would otherwise be closed to the public. There’s also special lighting in and around the monument, including the roads – which adds a certain grandiose to the city. Unfortunately for us, there were far too many visitors early morning, thereby forcing us to make multiple edits before uploading the panoramic content in a platform like Google Maps’ Street View. Per privacy policies, faces had to be blurred – and there were hundreds of people.

Using a tripod, for instance, would place the camera at chest level, which again meant that the architecture itself would be blocked by human figures. So, we had used an invisible selfie stick to shoot from a higher angle. Drones were out of the question.

Visiting Mysore Palace:
For a first-time visitor, there’s nothing really to be prepared for – the destination and the people in the city are quite welcoming and tourist-friendly. With ample parking space, its a small walk to the entrance where you’ll need to pay for the entry ticket (keep this careful since they’ll ask for it inside). Before this, you’ll also have to remove your footwear, and get a token for it.

Crowd management was efficient and you won’t really need a guide, even if you’re a foreigner. Unlike earlier, there are no charges for carrying a camera inside.

Getting There:
Bengaluru (BLR) is about 3 hours drive to the palace, assuming you’re not stuck in peak hour traffic. You can choose to fly to Mysore (MYQ) although the flights may be limited from other cities. The palace is situated in the centre of the city, near the bus stand, zoo and Chamundi Hills.

Some of Our 360 Images:
Again, it was during the festive season and the crowd was overwhelming. Until we redo the shoot, we’ll leave you with some of the images we had shot last week. Click and scroll around to get a 360 degree view.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Mysore Palace physically or virtually. Feel free to email us with any questions, feedback or shoot requests – anytime.