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Did you know that you can start publishing books within a few minutes? Check out Kindle Direct Publishing from Amazon, where you can upload an eBook and start making money from royalties.

This is a time when are people are inclined to stay at home, using the internet to work, learn and get entertained. Our post today is aimed at helping individuals and business make money by creating and publishing content online.

We would like to assure everyone that this is not complicated and does not require extraordinary skills. You don’t have to be a master in the language or have a printing press designed by Elon Musk. Just follow our direction:

What to Write?

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Write about anything you’re good at. Make a list of your experience, achievements and dreams – all these are great ideas to help you get inspired. With the motivation sorted out, pen down at least 10 clouds like a mind map, to help with sub topics.

Think of J.K. Rowling or Stephen King – the millions made by them are mostly from fiction. Just get a start and hire someone to professionally edit your work before publishing. Your eBook can be a novel or a short story. Getting a hang of the way KDP works is half the battle won.

For instance, we are working on a detailed eBook to help people sell products on Amazon effectively, making consistent profits using practical strategies like optimising advertising campaigns, creating high-quality listings, and getting word-of-mouth reputation from customers. 

Topics to Avoid:

Adostrophe - Making Money from Writing

It might be temping to write about the thoughts going through your mind – parenting, hygiene, travel and such. Know that generalised topics have too much competition and may not sell as well as you would like it to. However, look for niches within these categories so that you can write about the topics that you’re comfortable with. 

So, you may consider ‘Top 10 Restaurants in Bangalore’ as opposed to something like ‘All About Bangalore’. Similarly avoid something like ‘My Favourite Movies’, but write about something specific such as ‘Highest-Grossing Movies of Robert Downey, Jr’.

Be careful about trademarks and show respect to to those who hold registrations and copyrights. Give credits and acknowledge where appropriate.

Basic Techniques

Adostrophe - Creative inspiration
  • Ensure the content you create is unique, and original. If you are thinking of copy-pasting from the internet – forget it. Plagiarism will cost you, and your eBook may not even get approved. 
  • Use a tool like CopyScape to check for copied content, even if there’s something you’ve added inadvertently.
  • Write content, and get it professionally edited. The cover image of your eBook should be something catchy – purchase stock images or use your own photos. 
  • Research about your topic extensively and show references to support your claim. This may include external links to news articles.
  • Create an account in Wikipedia and start editing content. Take your time and learn how an encyclopedia is presented. You can’t write in a friendly note there and can’t promote your own business. Read documentation.
  • Follow the official social media blog for KDP to get tips and inspirations.
  • Create a website for you or your business asap. Have a landing page for your eBook that gives a summary and also links to your listing. You open up other promotional possibilities like running a Google Ads campaign targeting your audience with long-tailed Keywords.
  • Don’t keep your book too short. If there are enough pages, Amazon may also give the option for customers to purchase a hard copy. No trouble from your end – they will print it and ship it themselves.
  • Price it low initially until you get a few reviews. Send the link to family and friends, but don’t ask for a positive feedback. Fake ratings can be spotted a mile away.

Writer's Block

Adostrophe - KDP

So you got a start but not able to type anything. Too many distractions and the ideas are not flowing.

To get into the zone, just relax and do something different – workout, cook or watch a movie. Once you’re over the anxiety, read some great books to get inspired. This does not mean magazines or newspapers, but a novel or a best-selling eBook in the Kindle app.

Don’t run after perfection – trust your instincts and just get a start. Publish your book and see how it goes. No need to overthink anything. Your content is meant to educate or entertain someone who’s ready to pay – awe them with your work.

What's in it for Photographers?

Adostrophe_Insta360 ONE R

Photographers and videographers have their own content, so it’s much easier to sell an eBook based on their own media. Let’s say someone shoots a government hospital using a 360 degree camera, the Street View link can be added in the book along with the text.

Create a story about the place – talk about your experience and the doctors you meet. Add some data from reliable sources that is verifiable. As it may be, avoid writing negative things because you’re out to promote a place.

You’ll never know if a senior citizen might learn more about the place and visit it to heal himself. Often neglected, public places could really use some promotion to make it appear familiar to folks.

Is it Worth it?

Adostrophe - KDP

An eBook can make money for you while you’re sleeping. As you get reviews, there will be more interest shown to your book – the royalties will rise exponentially.

Dedicate yourself into the project and review it well before publishing. You can give credits to authors if someone else is writing for you. A designer will create a cover page and other graphics you need for your presentation. If you add a video, make sure it is original and leads to your channel. 

When your website and YT channel gets good traffic, you can think of running ads to monetise it with something like Google AdSense. Keep it non-intrusive so that the readers share it with their friends.

Making Money

Adostrophe - Making Money from Writing

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Publishing a book takes time and effort. As long as your content is high-quality and original, it will sell. 

You may choose a 35% or 70% royalty. If it gets to the best-seller list, you are set! Make money to fund other projects, improve your life, help the poor, and many other things. When things work out for you, share it with others and give back to the society. 

There are millions online searching for your eBook right now – what are you waiting for?

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