Get more information on the costs related to our Matterport and digital marketing services. This page will be updated regularly.

As expected from Matterport and Google, transparency is the key for all our pricing policies. We are clear with the charges that you would incur upfront and on an ongoing basis. Since we work with clients on the long-term, in most cases we are flexible with the payment terms based on your organisation’s processes.

As a digital marketing agency, our focus is on making our clients profitable, while enabling them to save money using tried and tested best practices. Contact us for a personalised solution.

Save Money with Adostrophe

Google Ads

15% of the monthly ad spend would be our rates for optimisation of the account.

Your campaign costs with Google will be covered directly by you, in the dashboard for which we won’t have access. For certain clients, we may handle this billing as well.

  • Setup only – $100
    For any regular website, unless it’s an e-com enterprise with a large number of products.
    Unlimited Keywords, Ad Groups, Text Ads, extensions and other features. Price includes monitoring and optimisation for one month.
  • Keyword Research – Varies
    All our Keyword suggestions would have a monthly search volume (in the market of your focus), which will also be categories for ease of use in your paid campaigns and SEO efforts.
  • Account Audit – Varies
    We’ll offer a one-time audit of your Google Ads account, with a detailed report on the past performance and optimisation suggestions.
  • QBR – Varies
    Get a Quarterly Business Review with in-depth analysis of your account. Use the deck to present to your senior management.


₹ 10 per square feet, to scan a regular space anywhere in India.

The price includes hosting for a year and all other expenses (such as travel) to make it easier for first-time adopters of the 3D virtual tour scanning technology. Discuss with us to create a custom solution.

  • Museums and showrooms may be charged higher owning to the complexity and the additional scans that are required. 
  • For clients who would need ongoing scans, it is recommended that they create their own Matterport account. Please be aware that the hosting plans have now been changed. For example, if a shopping mall used to accommodate 1000 scans in a single model, it is no longer considered as one space – more than 200 scans will take up more ‘spaces’.
  • If you’d like to continue to keep your space active after the first year, there would be a nominal charge. Note that we are paying Matterport for hosting, so we’ll have to bill our end users as a result.
  • Unless an exception is made, we typically collect the charges (starting at Rs 10 per sq ft) upfront. All tax invoices are created and tracked using Zoho Books.
  • We usually take up projects larger than 10,000 square feet, however, talk to us to see if and when smaller projects can be scheduled.
  • Scanning services are free for certain NGOs and nonprofits. We prioritise rural places and government-owned properties. We welcome suggestions by anyone, even if your’e not directly linked to the organisation. For instance, a govt school in a village or an orphanage in the city.
    We’ll do our best to get permission from the authorities and schedule the scan. Note that Matterport scans are ideally taken up when there are no people walking around – like on a holiday.
  • Google Street View uploads have to start with a Matterport scan, so the same rates apply. No additional charges for uploading and creating connections within the panos in Google Maps.
  • Our free scans are sometimes offered as a sample for large enterprises or to nonprofit organisations. While the service is free, we are still paying Matterport for hosting the files. Due to the recent changes, we may not be able to keep the model active for more than a month. In order to prevent archival or deletion, clients are requested to make a payment for the hosting charges.
  • As much as we regret the inconvenience, spaces that need more than 200 scans will now have to pay a higher amount. Our business model has to reflect the price increase by Matterport. We will not compromise on quality in order to cut costs by completing a model with fewer scans.

Payment Options


Razorpay (INR – cards, UPI, Netbanking and wallets):

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Feel free to ask any questions. Our billing system is simple and hassle-free. We can work out a process that’s convenient for you.