The Adostrophe Referral Program

Make Money with Adostrophe

Many clients who could benefit from a Matterport virtual tour are either unaware of this technology or just need a personalised explanation. Send them over to us and get 25% of the invoiced value for the first time. If the client gives us recurring projects, you get 10% every time we bill them.


  • Who explains about the service to the client?
    Leave it to us. We will set up a phone consultation with them to answer the questions. If necessary required, we will give them a demo in person.
  • Do you white label?
    Yes, we offer white-labelled services to agencies who already offer professional 3D virtual tours.
  • What about referrals for individuals?
    You get the same benefit as an agency does. Note that the 25% and 10% recurring commission includes GST.
  • What if I don’t want money?
    The referral amount is then used for philanthropic initiatives such as a virtual tour for a government school or a hospital, or for buildings in rural areas.
  • What if I want to work in return?
    We get projects because of the quality we deliver, which comes from years of experience. We don’t share our trade secrets and best practices publicly either.
    If and when we do hire new photographers, there’s an extended internship program with personalised training and stringent quality checks which could take many months. Currently, we are not looking for new recruits.
  • Can I join you on your projects?
    No, currently we are not offering a training program and most best-practices can’t be learnt by just observing the process. Besides, the lesser the people in a project, the easier it is to get the scan done because there can’t be people seen in Matterport tours.
  • If I have prospects who would pay, why not invest in the equipment myself?
    Go ahead. We were India’s first VAR (Value Added Reseller) and believe that if more cameras are being used in the country, it will help make this concept popular. We are no longer involved with reselling the scanners, but welcome others to join the community.
    To purchase a Matterport Pro2, visit the Matterport official website or contact support. Leica showroom is in Gurugram, for the BLK360. For paid projects, the minimum quality expected is that from a Ricoh Theta X, but you can also experiment with an iPhone. The single space SaaS plan is free.
  • What if the client doesn’t pay?
    We typically collect half the agreed value upfront and the remaining when the URL is delivered. In the rare case the client does not pay for our services for whatever reason, we would not work with them again. All tours are taken offline and any Google Streetview uploads are deleted. There is a payment involved for copyright transfers of panoramic and DSLR content.
  • What if the client insists on working in secret, cutting out the referring agency or individual?
    We politely decline because the referrer is always kept in the loop. When the tour is ready and approved, the referrer gets the link first.
  • What if the client wants a demo in a faraway location?
    If you see our Services page, we have travelled in all regions in India. We may also travel abroad for certain projects, depending on the client. If the client wants an unpaid demo scan, then we may club it along with our other paid projects that are prioritised.
  • There is this organisation who could really use a 3D virtual tour, but they are non-profit and can’t afford your rates. Can I still refer?
    Please go ahead and fill the form, by all means. As a Google Ad Grant managing agency, we’ve worked with many NGOs and non-profits. We decide whether to bill them on a case by case basis, because NGOs are also funded. We have our own costs to consider, however, do refer them. 
    One of our core traits is transparency and we explain things upfront.
  • Can I refer anonymously?
    We do not cold call clients and offer them our services, however you could ask them to contact us instead.
  • Are there referral bonuses for Google Ads clients?
    Absolutely, if we do bill them, you get the appropriate component. Visit our Google Ads page for more information. This includes Google Ad Grant accounts that are invoiced as well, however most Ad Grant accounts are managed Pro Bono (for free) by us.
  • So what’s next?
    Contact us in any method convenient for you or fill out the form below – we’ll take it from there.


We strongly recommend our website visitors to refer goverment and non-profit schools. On a Sunday or a holiday, we can get the scan done and upload the panos on Google Maps. This is a part of our CSR initiative and not chargeable. It might help increase the literacy rate in India, especially the rural areas.

Learn more at our Education page or Contact Us.