3D Laser Scanning

Let the Point Cloud Data Do the Talking

For non-Matterport projects, we use the Leica BLK360 G2 and Faro Focus Premium. These are typically used by architects and engineers for mm-level accuracy.

The first generation BLK360 is compatible with Matterport, if the project requires the platform.

Point Cloud Data - Adostrophe
Leica-BLK360 - Adostrophe

Good to Know:

  • BLK360 G2 is 5 times faster than G1, at 20 seconds – speed of capture.
  • G2 captures 680K pps compared to 360K Pps for the G1
  • The G1 has a thermal sensor, unlike the G2 or the Matterport Pro3.
  • The G1 has a range of 60 meters, while the Faro Focus Premium series is from 70m to 350m.

Let Us Know Your Requirements

We will suggest a solution (hardware and software output formats) based on your needs. Rates are same as those of Matterport jobs.