The Great Indian Sale: 29th Sep to 4th Oct, 2019 on

The sale is here, and we’ll talk about why this is a big deal, and how to make the best out of it. As sellers on Amazon ourselves, we’ll explain how a buyer can leverage the limited time discounts for products from various categories.

Prime vs non-Prime:
The explicit reasons for become a Prime member is faster shipping and potentially higher discounts. During an event such as this, the sale starts earlier for members, thereby allowing them to shop the limited stock.
Another reason is that a customer’s payment details are used (not cash-on-delivery) online, thereby authenticating that it’s not a fraudulent buyer. Many sellers face issues with fake orders and returns with the original items being replaced. These cases are being looked into, but many sellers offer coupons for Prime members only. So that’s something you could consider if you’re not a part of the program yet. Not to mention, you could also stream movies and shows for free (, as opposed to a paid subscription like Netflix).

Sellers import or source their top selling items for this event and stock it up in Amazon’s Fulfilment Centres or directly (Seller Flex or Seller-Fulfilled Prime). A point to note here is that not all Prime products are fulfilled by Amazon – the seller could do it themselves under certain criteria.
You may not find your favourite electronic items available at low prices during the second half of December, owing to the holiday season in the US, UK and other countries.

How to shop?
Click on the above creative for Electronics category. The landing page is dynamic and curated – this means that the products are already being offered on a discount. The first step for you to do is to “Add to Cart”, even if you haven’t decided to buy yet.
You can choose to buy today or at a later date. Pay attention to the notifications which say items in your cart have changed price or is unavailable.

Look for reviews from (from US buyers), if available. Customer reviews may help, but not the only decision making point. You’ll need to read the entire page carefully and see if it suits your needs. Cancellations and refunds are an unwanted hassle, so make sure you get something that fulfils your purpose and is future ready. For instance, you might want to consider a mirrorless DSLR camera that is good with auto focus, if you’re starting out and thinking of shooting portraits rather than landscapes.

Just because I’m happy with my iPhone 7, doesn’t mean I won’t be looking for new launches. I could be needing an Android back-up or want to get a upgrade for my mother – something with a better call reception.

This is one category which is good for any seller – the exponentially booming Indian market, where digitisation is encouraged post demonetisation. Even a sugarcane cart vendor had a PayTm scan code in Bangalore recently – we went for it without thinking twice. You get the drift? You need to have efficient and powerful mobile devices to make life easier for yourself and those you care about. Not to mention, the importance of email and banking applications.

Read customer reviews and the Q&A. Pay attention to certain questions which ask if this model better or another specific one. Another two points of research is to look at the manufacturer’s website and a quick Google search of the device. Look for tech reviews or YT videos from established influencers.
Watch out for random freebies and exchange offers. As a buyer, your shopping decision is based on your own priorities, even if it means you’re not getting a free silicone case.

Books, Fitness, Toys and More:
Retail therapy can be healing – within limits. Saving money is necessary but are you going to hold back without spending on those important things? Considering the population in India, how many do you see jogging outside early morning? Don’t buy that treadmill or bike now – just spend on hospital bills later?

Let’s try this – assume you have an unlimited credit card and allowed to buy anything you like, without restrictions. Assume you also have ample space at home or office to fit in the new purchases. Now, go ahead and add all these items to your cart. Take your time and get this done before moving to the next step.
Take a break and come back to check your shopping cart. This time, remove as many items as you can, so that your cart has only those that are absolutely necessary. Absolutely also means investing in yourself such as books and fitness equipment.
The final step would be to move this shortlist to “Save for Later” section. Now, your cart is empty but the items are in the for-later list.
This technique not only saves money, but helps you get over the impulsive shopping urge that we all have to an extent. When you’re ready, move items back to your cart and check out.
If you have GST, you get about 10% back apart from a host of other benefits. Convert your regular account to a business account, so that you also get to see the tax breakups as well. You would be able to claim GST input for your purchases. Click here to register for an Amazon Business account.

Other categories:
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