Essentials for New Users

Here are some FAQs that buyers ask before or just after purchase. Email us with feedback and suggestions – we are always looking forward to improve.

1) Where can I get tech support and answers for my questions?
Visit the official website and click on the yellow chat window on the bottom-right corner. The support team is renewed worldwide and will be able to assist you with all your questions, for any product.

2) What about the warranty in India?
The manufacturer warranty is for one year. Adostrophe supports for an additional three years in India, as long as you’ve purchased the camera from us.

3) Let’s say I broke a lens. What’s next?
Contact tech support and create a ticket. If the team finds it necessary to have the device sent to them, there might be a shipping cost involved. It may get complicated sending it to China in terms of paperwork, but we can help with that.

4) I received the new Insta360 ONE X. What should I do first?
Ensure that the firmware is upgraded. You will get a prompt from the mobile app. Connect the camera to your device – Settings – About Insta360 – Firmware version. Also calibrate the gyro from a flat surface.

5) I’ve ordered and waiting for my camera. What can I do meanwhile?
We strongly recommend you join the official Facebook group, to see trending discussions, creative ideas on shooting, and to get your questions answered.

6) With the ONE X, would I need a memory card? What do you recommend?
Yes, a MicroSD card is necessary. We would recommend a SanDisk U3 card, which has good write speeds, especially for a camera that shoots 5.7 resolution videos. Here’s an example on (sold by other sellers not associated with Adostrophe).

7) How can I earn money from my 360 degree camera?
Many years back, we wanted to earn money as a Google Trusted Photographer (Street View) and although a smartphone could take a 360 photo, the stitching issues were quite significant. We bought the Insta360 Nano and found that it was shockingly clear and had an easy workflow. Then we progressed to Nano S, ONE and now the ONE X.
Once you get the badge, we recommend you create a website and use Google Ads to promote your photography services.

8) What are the industries that could use my services?
360 media and Virtual Reality is applicable in all verticals – education, agriculture, medicine, defence, sports, etc. One of the fastest growing industries is real estate – potential buyers can scroll around and see the interiors/exteriors in one file. In the U.S., the ONE X has gained immense popularity as a sports-action camera. The Pro 2 allows a filmmaker to shoot the entire scene, and edit later to display the best parts. Creativity is the limit.

9) What if I’m not happy with the product?
One of the competitive advantages that Adostrophe has over other sellers is that we offer a full refund/replacement for three months. No questions asked! Our confidence stems from the quality of the products.

10) Can I promote my work through Adostrophe?
By all means! Over the years, we have built a community of 360 degree photographers and enthusiasts. Send us your photo or video – and we may publish it on our FB page, giving you due credit.

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