Upcoming Camera from Insta360

When Adostrophe started importing Insta360 products since the first quarter of 2018, there were no one else selling 360 degree cameras on Amazon, let alone understand the uniqueness of it. It was a blue ocean strategy, venturing into a business which did not have any competition. The Indian market was so promising that for the next three quarters, we had sold at a loss just so that our customers can experience these panoramic devices and to spread the word.

The Insta360 ONE (the predecessor of the ONE X) became a big hit. Apart from sales, our staff were busy 24 x 7 helping customers (especially Android users) setup the device and answer questions in Indian languages.

November 2018:
The Insta360 ONE X is launched. Learning from the previous models, here’s a versatile action camera that was compatible with iOS and Android without having to use any adapters or cables. The two prominent (and much needed) features were the WiFi functionality and a higher resolution.

It did help that there was an in-device display and a detachable battery along with a host of other upgrades. The ONE X was just what was needed, and customers were happy to pre-order in large numbers, even though we were unable to get the stock soon due to global demand.

The Problem:
Although the ONE and ONE X had different price points, everyone wanted the upgraded model. Customers who had recently purchased the ONE returned the devices after using it. Adostrophe offered a 30 day trial all over the country, and a full refund even if the box was opened, so we accepted all returns and booked them for the new launch.
Never mind the losses as a business – the problem was that customers did not want an older version of a unique camera, when the new one is out there. In order to prevent a repeat of last year’s situation, we have not procured the ONE X for now.

The Solution:
Being a customer-centric company, we would only be selling the ONE X, after the new camera is launched. This is to be transparent about the fact that there’s an upgraded version available, and there’s a choice to be made if budget was a constraint.

When customers enquired about the Android version, the Insta360 Air, we explained the pros and cons patiently – and strongly recommended they purchase the ONE X. We stopped selling the Air, Nano S and the ONE completely. In this case, however, we would continue to sell the ONE X even after the new camera in is the market.

The Rumours:
We are being careful with our choice of words, in order to avoid setting unrealistic expectations. What could the new camera potentially have?
1) Higher resolution:
There is no upper limit for quality, and we all need great looking images and videos. Try shooting a historic place and upload to Google Street View – your views would rise exponentially if the resolution is good. Insta360 is a pioneer in professional grade cameras such as the Pro 2 and Titan – so it is possible that there might be improvement in resolution. 8K? Only time will tell.
2) Display:
While GoPro’s Max, Kandao’s QooCam 8K and Pilot Era have displays in the camera itself, it is probably not a deal breaker. The Pro 2 itself uses a mobile or tablet for live previews. Customers who use all these camera vouch for Insta360, so competition with regards to this feature is not really a problem, but there’s a possibility for a display.
3) Battery:
This is something that no one can ever be satisfied with, especially when it comes to recording 4K and higher. Would there be a power input? Questions remain. Due to DHL and FedEx being apprehensive about shipping batteries in flights, we are looking at alternate shipping options to import batteries and charging docks for the ONE X. However, additional batteries are really not necessary – you can simply use a power bank. Note that when the camera is not in use, it is recommended to remove the battery and store it separately.
4) Waterproofing:
Maybe, but then there’s always a Dive Case that offers extra protection from dust or falls. Touted as an action camera, the ONE X is often used outdoors – which means there are chances of the camera falling over.
Customers often call asking for lens replacement or repairing other parts – this involves shipping the device to the service centre in China. Cost is a factor, and there’s this additional hassle of tax and paperwork. Adostrophe is the only company in India that offers pick up, servicing and doorstep drop for free, with the exception of charges for the parts, if required.
This is one of our USPs and the reason customers want to buy from us. Our support is for a lifetime – not just selling.
5) Rugged Body:
Adding on the above point, there may be improvements for rough handling. Lens protection and a different body material could increase the cost of the device, thereby making it unaffordable for a large group of customers, especially students. This would be a welcome improvement though.
6) Stitching:
There’s only so much that two camera sensors can do when placed opposite to each other. Note that there are regular updates to the mobile apps, so stitching should not be a big issue even if the new model has just two fish-eye lenses.
7) In-built GPS:
Probably too much to ask, but then there’s always the GPS accessory or the mobile device to help add information to the shoots. Street View app now recognises the ONE X camera for virtual tours. The Trusted Photographer program is set for a major overhaul, but we’ll save the details for another blog post.

What’s Next:
We highly recommend you join the official Facebook groups of Insta360 to stay updated. Not only will you get news and see the incredible works of others, but it’s a forum where you can ask questions (just ensure to search ahead if it has been answered already) and interact with people.
There’s a good reason why GoPro and Ricoh customers convert to Insta360, and vouch for it. In India, we’ll handle all your queries and post-sales requirements. Stay tuned!

Update – 9th December, 2019:
There would not be a new camera launch for X-Mas and New Year. The launch may happen in January – but it would not be an upgrade to the ONE X. This would be a totally different segment which would not compete with the ONE X.
Adostrophe will start selling the ONE X again and now accepting pre-orders. Note that stocks would get exhausted in a day or two, since we already have a long waiting list. Paying upfront gets you prioritised. Direct bank transfers to the company’s current account can let you save more compared to Amazon or this website (RazorPay) due to commissions involved.

What you get with the ONE X?
– Camera (latest release with GST and warranty)
– Bullet-Time Bundle (Invisible Selfie Stick and Tripod Handle)*
– SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB – U3, A2, SDXC for high write speeds*
– Three years servicing in India*
– Customised technical support in Indian languages
– Next day delivery anywhere in India
– 30 day trial. Use it to your heart’s content and if you’re not satisfied, return it for a full refund, even if the camera and accessories are used.
– Existing customers get discounts on all subsequent purchases of accessories and cameras.
– Existing customers refer friends so they get discounted rates.

* Free accessories are time-limited. This may not be applicable from Jan 2020.
* Servicing may involve a cost for replacement of parts. Shipping to China is on us.