2nd Jan, 2020!
Happy New Year! We are excited to announce a few updates for our customers and enthusiasts who’ve been asking what’s going on.

3 New Cameras:
– Insta360 ONE series. Five more days to see what’s in store. The camera would not be an upgrade (or compete with) the ONE X, hence it would be sold together even by Adostrophe. We do not sell the ONE, Nano S, Air and the Pro. Learn more here –

– KanDao QooCam 8K: ETA 21 days, due to high demand globally. An 8K camera that’s affordable even to consumers.

– Labpano Pilot ONE: Smaller than the Pilot Era, with exciting new features to rival Matterport’s software. These 8K professional cameras, are mainly tailored to the constantly evolving Google Street View’s recommendations.

We would be refunding all customers who had paid for the ONE X, GO and the upcoming cameras. Our turnaround is about a week (10th Jan) – although we would be paying charges for this, we would like to accept money after stocks arrive, more for ease of documentation and filing.
All these customers and those who had enquired, will be notified before we list them on Amazon (since we would run out of stock soon). Thanks for your understanding.

23rd December, 2019.

We are accepting pre-orders now for the Insta360 ONE X, Kandao QooCam 8K, Pilot Era, Pilot ONE and Teche cameras. Email us with your billing address, mobile and GST, if available. The invoice would include the company’s current account details.
Only bank transfers for now, and no Razorpay or Amazon orders. The commission costs would be adjusted to benefit the customers.

All orders include:
– 18% GST
– 3 years servicing in India (2 for non-Insta360 devices)
– Free accessories for the ONE X (BTB and U3 card)
– Discounts on all future purchases
– Discounts for all future referrals

When we get the stock in hand, it would be listed on this website and Amazon. Priority would be given to those who’ve paid already. Discounts and freebies may not be available from NY, and would depend on the stock availability. The new camera from Insta360 and Labpano would be separate lines and not direct upgrades.