Sunday, 17th November, 2019:
– While we have refunded the payments made towards Insta360 cameras, some customers did not mind waiting. Our original plan of procuring Insta360 products by the 15th has changed. We would not be stocking up until early December.
– Developments within Insta360 is kept confidential since mappers (third-party hawkers who sell grey market items, without paying taxes) have become quite a nuisance. Amazon’s new Transparency system is one way to root out such unauthorised sellers who undercut and push products without proper warranty.
– As an exciting update, there might be a new camera launch for consumers. This is not an official statement, but just a rumour from influencers in the 360 photography arena. All customers who had their orders cancelled will be notified when we have the stock in hand. Learn more on our blog post –

Pilot Era:
Accepting orders only through direct bank transfers. The cost is estimated at 2 lakhs, including GST. The turnaround would be a week to 10 days.

As with all professional cameras, email us directly for orders and GST invoices from QuickBooks. The HSN is typically 18%.

Google Ads:
Campaign setups for $50, including 30 days management. Free for Ad Grant accounts.

Web Development:
Please email for a custom quote from Magneton. Free for NGOs, non-profits and small businesses without online visibility.

360 Photography:
Available only from late November. Contact us with your requirements.

Google Maps Listings:
Free until the end of the year. Includes My Business page setup and maintenance. 360 shoots available at additional rates.