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Matterport 3D virtual tours can be useful for schools and colleges in many ways. Check out a classroom and library in this blog post:

A classroom is just what it is – why would someone want a virtual tour of desks and benches? This is probably something that only the student would understand. A virtual tour could help the student want to learn better or make someone want to go to school. This might also aid India move towards the 100% literacy goal, especially in rural regions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Adostrophe is keen to contribute to the country’s educational ambitions by providing the equipment and skill to promote government schools. The Matterport Pro2 is an Infrared-based scanner that captures point cloud data, typically to represent interiors of buildings virtually. Although this camera is used to earn an income, we are obligated morally to extend its benefits to smaller schools and those in rural areas. Learn more about CSR in this Wikipedia article.

We recently had the privilege to capture a centenary school in Bengaluru and here’s how the virtual tour turned out. Go ahead and check it out – 

The Matterport 3D virtual tour concept is relatively new in India – unique but not fully appreciated yet. Sometimes, certain viewers are just unaware of what needs to be done. 

Simple – just click on the “play” button on the bottom left corner. This will show the highlights of the tour without having to do anything. Unlike traditional images or videos, this 3D virtual tour is interactive. Here’s what can be done:

  • Click and pan around. Drag left or right to get a 360 degree view of the entire area.
  • Zoom in.
  • Click on the white circles to move to the next scan point.
  • Measure distances.
  • View in a Virtual Reality headset.

What's in it for the Management?

For the school admins, this is an excellent form of digital marketing. Admissions aside, brand reputation management is a key benefit from such innovative forms of promotion. The community feel for the alumni is the icing on the cake.

Matterport 3D virtual tours can be uploaded in Google Maps as a 360 degree image. Smartphones can capture panoramic content using the Street View app, but is not quite accurate and takes quite a bit of effort swivelling around. A 360 degree camera like Ricoh Theta Z1 makes the job much easier, but a professional device like the Matterport Pro2 provides industry-standard quality, with its 134 mega pixel resolution.

Here’s another virtual tour of the same school:

What you see below is a 360 degree image seen on Google Maps. It is uploaded using the Google Street View app as a panoramic image, originally captured as a screenshot from the Matterport virtual tour.

All Work and No Play

With India’s tally of 7 medals in Tokyo, the youth are more inspired than ever. A good coach can channelise a student’s energy in the right direction, irrespective of the physical form. Besides hockey, Bindra’s 10.8 score in the 10m air rifle category showed that a gold is certainly possible. Neeraj Chopra breaks all stereotypes by winning a gold in athletics.

The Territorial Army’s examination is on 26th September. Check for more information. The upper age limit is 42 years and one doesn’t even have to quit their existing occupation.

Playground in Bangalore - Adostrophe

A playground is probably the best thing that would make a child want to get out of the couch. We will be showcasing many more virtual tours of schools highlighting its sports facilities. 

For Fellow Photographers

For those in the Matterport or the DSLR categories, there are some basic guidelines when it comes to shooting minors. With over 20 lakh schools in the country the effort has to be a collective one, in order to promote locally. 

Some photo journalists have this habit of taking snaps (of a school or college) with a student walking around. While it does give the viewer a perspective of how massive the building is, it is best not to have people in your media.

For instance, Google Street View or Local Guides’ policies suggest that there can’t be people or licence plate numbers shown, to honour privacy. If it can’t be helped, faces and other information have to be blurred.

School in Bangalore - Adostrophe

When it comes to Matterport, there has to be absolutely no people around. It not only confuses the AI but looks unprofessional. Prepare the school management to ensure no staff or students are in the vicinity – which means a holiday ideally, so that your work comes out clean.

For DSLR photography, look up policies of stock image companies like Shutterstock. If minors appear in your frame, you would need “model release” to add to your images. This means that the parents have to sign the release, along with an independent witness.

Some planning and preparation goes a long way. Schools, no matter how small, have this aura about itself and it is up to our creativity to portray it in the best way possible. Try dawn or dusk – reshoot if necessary. Look up “bracketing” techniques so that your portfolio has great content. All the best!

Pro Bono

If you’re part of a school or college, contact us for a virtual tour, anywhere in India. Depending on various factors, we won’t charge you for the photo session. There are many children out there who may not have access to education, but might want to go to school when they see a panorama on a smartphone. Thanks for reading!

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