What is Adostrophe Working on?

The Adostrophe website and mobile app are under development and should be ready soon. Meanwhile, here are the various initiatives in progress right now:

1) 360 Degree Photography:
Our long-term goal of covering the entire country in 360 degrees will start in a few days. Our first paid project involves shooting panoramic content for a client in the VR industry. Here, we will be shooting 10 popular tourist destinations using Insta360 cameras. Rest assured, we will be posting those images on our blog soon.

Adostrophe’s Redesigned Logo that Reflects the 360 Degree Initiatives

2) Selling Cameras:
The Insta360 GO launched last week and we will be stocking up soon along with the ONE X. The GO is an action camera that is light and versatile, which even long-distance runners wouldn’t mind carrying along.
This e-com venture funds all our other initiatives. Recently we got DIPP Startup India recognised and will be listing our products in the Government e Marketplace as well.

Insta360 GO

3) Assisting Non-Profits:
As digital marketers, we setup and manage Google Ad Grant accounts for NGOs and non-profits worldwide. The organization will receive USD $10,000 per month as advertising credit, which can be used to reach out to donors, volunteers and grow faster.
These accounts require ongoing maintenance and constant optimizations – we take care of all the heavy lifting, since this is our strength (with over 15 years experience in managing PPC campaigns). These services are absolutely free.

4) Guiding New Sellers on Amazon.in:
While we are active contributors in the official Facebook group, we are taking it a step further by publishing an eBook to guide new sellers. It contains detailed info on sourcing, listing products, fulfilment, advertising, managing customers, troubleshooting and plenty of other resources.
The first edition would be available for less than $1, filled with real life examples and best practices. The book is almost complete, and will be ready by end of week.

Sarika Devpunje (Director, Adostrophe) at the Amazon Connect Event in Bangalore on 26th August, 2019 with Gopal Pillai (VP, Seller Services, Amazon.in)

5) Helping Buyers Make Informed Decisions:
Online shoppers look beyond customer reviews before making the decision to buy a product. We intend to publish detailed, well-researched blog posts on various categories so that customers can consider and compare the features, benefits, etc. For now, we focus on the Indian market and two marketplaces including Amazon.in and Flipkart.

6) Making Destinations Popular:
Going back to our first initiative, we intend to personally visit and shoot pictures/videos of Indian cities, towns and villages. Along with media, we will also make resources available for domestic and international travellers, complete with details on flights, hotels, taxis and local information.


7) Going Green:
We are working on sourcing eco-friendly products and supplying them in India. Our dedicated page for sellers (small businesses in India looking for creative and high-margin products) will see dynamic lists of hand-picked products as well.
Below is a great example of a product that can be sold to families in independent houses and also to smart city agencies.

Alibaba: Decorative cob wind solar energy hybrid street light