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Adostrophe aims at documenting government and rural areas from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. As Google Trusted Photographers, the images are captured and uploaded in Google Streetview/Maps so that they can be viewed from a mobile device or a VR headset.
DIPP Startup recognised.

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360 Degree Cameras

Adostrophe is the first Insta360 and Pilot Era authorised distributor in India. Shop from our range of high-quality, innovative 360 degree cameras. Servicing and support available in Indian languages. Resellers and stores are welcome to purchase in bulk.

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New Launches

Be the first to know about and shop the latest cameras from Insta360, Labpano, KanDao and Teche. Pre-orders available for existing and new releases. Email us for details.
Insta360 ONE R
Pilot ONE
QooCam 8K

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About Adostrophe

Adostrophe is an Insta360, Labpano, Teche and KanDao authorised distributor in India, that sells cameras and also shoots panoramic media of government establishments, rural areas, villages and even local stores.

Inclined towards empowering India digitally and economically, the website and mobile app accepts photo shoot requests of any place.

As a Digital Marketing agency, we offer Google Ads campaign management services for businesses and non-profits globally.

Contact us any time and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Email info@adostrophe.com or call/whatapp +91 88611 88822.

Insta360 ONE R 1-Inch Edition Brochure
Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition Brochure

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