The Insta360 world is such that we are almost always out of stock, due to word-of-mouth popularity. Capturing a trip or an event, for instance, makes the requirement even more compelling.

One of the surest ways to get prioritised is to make a payment. Use the UPI – insta360@icici or contact us for our company’s current account details. You may also pay through PayPal.

While we could easily place a payment gateway to securely collect money online, 99% of our customers/resellers have custom requirements, so we consult and suggest certain packages. Which is why we recommend you call or email us upfront. Once we send you an invoice, you can make the payment (inclusive of GST).

Our USP is that any product can be returned or replaced for up to 3 months. For servicing, we pick up, get it fixed, and drop the product at your doorstep. Go ahead and buy with confidence – we take care of our customers all the way.