Services for Nonprofits and NGOs

Our paid services like Matterport 3D virtual tours (India) and Google Ads campaign management (worldwide) is available to nonprofits for free. Think of us as an NGO for NGOs.

Google Ad Grants - Adostrophe

Experienced Professionals

Over 18 years' experience with premier clients. Let us mange your Google Ads and Ad Grant accounts.

360° Photography and Virtual Tours

If you're in India, we'll create a Matterport virtual tour so you can easily share with donors, volunteers and stakeholders.

Google Business Profile Management

As an agency that manages Business Profiles for paying clients, we'll be happy to manage yours as well.

Google Ad Grants

For those who are new to the Ad Grant system, Google will offer $10,000 per month as advertising credits. It’s the same currency and value, even for Indian or non-US organisations.

With this, you can show your Search ad to potential donors, volunteers and others who are interested in learning more about your initiatives. We’ll ensure your ad copy is relevant to your target audience. This is our strength, and we’ll handle it for you.

You’ll have to be a registered organisation and get a validation token from TechSoup. Indian NGOs (Trust, Society or Section 8) who don’t have an FCRA can opt for Matterport tours and a paid Google Ads account. 

Setting up an Ad Grant account is different from that of a regular paid Google Ads account. Certain organisation have both types of accounts, and we can manage them simultaneously.

You’re making the world a better place – let us worry about advertising. The Ad Grant account may be complex for organisations to manage on their own, which is why we are stepping in. Also, the requirements to get a campaign eligible and staying compliant would need constant optimisations. 

We’ll work with your developer (if available) to setup conversion tracking codes, Google Analytics, Search Console and other systems that will help us add more insights to the reports we send you regularly.

Matterport 3D Virtual Tours

For NGOs, non-profits and govt-owned properties, we may offer free scanning services. Contact us to see if and when it can be scheduled.

For the sake of transparency, we’d like to keep the potential clients aware that “free” refers to the scanning work only. Similar to how a website needs a hosting account (and not just a domain name), the Matterport tours are hosted in their servers for which we are paying them.

As a SaaS (Software as a Service) company, Matterport has recently increased their pricing plans. With this development, we have to prioritise paying clients and assign them “spaces” from our Matterport account. 

What this means for you as a nonprofit organisation is that the free model will be active for at least one month. Beyond that it may get archived or deleted altogether. If you would like to keep the model active, there would be a nominal hosting charge for one year and above.

Alternatively, we strongly suggest you create your own Matterport account, so that we can directly upload the scans or transfer it to you. A Starter plan would cost around ₹ 10,000 per year, where you can host 5 spaces.

Learn more about our Matterport 3D virtual tour scanning services here. But for the hosting for more than a month, everything else is free – our scanning work, travel (anywhere in India) and other expenses. No hidden charges!

You’ll have 30 days to decide if you want to continue keeping the space active. Otherwise you can upload the panoramas to Google Maps, if your organisation has a public listing. The highlights can be presented as a YouTube video as well. So these are two popular options if you don’t want to pay for hosting.

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Irrespective of the time zone difference, we’ll schedule a call to take it forward. We are ready to answer your questions and proactively manage your campaigns.